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An Open Letter to the COVID-19 Long Hauler Community From a Person with ME/CFS (

Datum: 24.07.2020 Kategorie: 07 Fatigatio e.V. Autor: MKK (kanter)

“If you look anecdotally, there is no question that there are a considerable number of individuals who have a post-viral syndrome that in many respects incapacitates them for weeks and weeks following so-called recovery. They report symptoms such as brain fog, difficulty concentrating and fatigue that resemble the symptoms of ME.” Anthony Fauci “With this very severe COVID-19 disease, where we’re now dealing with millions of people suffering from it worldwide, the question is not if [some] will develop ME/CFS—it’s how many.” Alain Moreau in The Scientist

It’s critical that everyone – the public, doctors, researchers and funders – understand that the troubling “long hauler” phenomenon associated with COVID-19 that is making so much news is not new at all. It’s actually been around for a long time. It’s been documented for numerous infections.

Studies indicate that the type of infection – whether it’s from a virus (first SARS pathogen in 2003, the Epstein-Barr virus (infectious mononucleosis, glandular fever), the Ross-River virus, the West Nile Virus, Ebola), or a bacteria (Coxiella burnetii, Borrelia burgdorfii, Giardia lambia ) – it doesn’t matter. Whatever the pathogen that triggers them virtually all the post-infectious illnesses appear to resolve to the same general illness that’s characterized by extreme fatigue, pain and cognitive and sleep problems.

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